Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Screening?

The purpose of a screening is to determine if a speech-language evaluation is needed. It is a standardized pass or fail screener based on your child’s age to briefly assess your child’s speech and language skills. It is always free of charge. Speech sounds, receptive and expressive language skills are all briefly assessed using a series of pictures. We also listen to your child’s connected speech to get a general idea of intelligibility.

What is an Evaluation?

A Speech-Language evaluation is a more in depth series of standardized tests. Articulation skills and receptive and expressive language skills are all tested based on your child’s age. A score is provided that helps determine where your child falls based on other children of the same age across the country. The scores determine if your child has a disorder in any of the 3 main areas tested and provides the severity of the disorder (mild, moderate, severe). The evaluation typically takes 30 minutes to an hour; however it may take longer if more testing is recommended. Your child is also given an oral motor exam, hearing screening, and voice and fluency (stuttering) are also assessed. If the tests determine a disorder is present, speech therapy sessions will be recommended.

What are Speech Therapy Sessions?

Speech therapy sessions typically last for about 30 minutes, 1-2 times a week. They are individual sessions (not in a group) and will take place in your child’s daycare. Individualized goals will be written to determine the focus of therapy sessions. A variety of materials will be used to help your child reach their goals. The length of therapy varies; some children need 6 months, while some need a year or longer. It depends on the severity of their disorder and how many goals they have.


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